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          Progressive Web Application (PWA)

          Nowadays, many users prefer to avoid download and installation of mobile apps due to hardware, memory constrains or security reasons. PWA runs from Home Screen, no installation takes place.

          It is a myth that the users will happily download the app of every website they visit frequently. According to Comscore Mobile App Report, over 50% of America’s smart phone users download Zero Apps a month. i.e. Gone are the days when the phone is full of apps and people-smart phone honeymoon phase is getting depleted. Each step to download an app reduces 20% of users. PWA reduces the steps between discovery of an app and getting it on the home screen and thereby eliminates friction of getting an app installed. This provides a very fertile ground for businesses to pitch in their PWA.

          PWA in a nutshell:

          • Reliable : Fast loading and works offline
          • Fast : Smooth Animations, jank free scrolling and seamless navigation even on flaky networks
          • Engaging : Launched from home screen and can receive push notification

          We can’t say that PWA will kill Native Apps in the future. But still there is a growing interest for this approach in the community. PWAs are still in their infancy with a lot of challenges to be addressed. Yet, they have the potential to create a shift in the way the web works.

          Source: https://medium.com

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