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          Privacy Policy


          Personal Data Protection Policy

          This Personal Data Protection Policy("Policy") has no contractual effect and describes the ways Simplex Consultants Pte Ltd ("Simplex") collects, retains or discloses personal informaiton in order to carry out our operations and activities, including implemented measures to protect persoanl data. The Policy is crafted to meet the requirements of Singapore's personal data protection laws.


          Application of Policy

          All customers, suppliers and partners("Corresponds") of Simplex must agree to the terms of this policy as updated from time to time to ensure consistency with any change in legal requirements. All Corresponds are encouraged to review this Policy on applicable protection made to collected data.


          Type of Persoanl Information

          This policy applies to personal data Simplex collects, uses, retains and discloses in order to carry out our operations and activies such as access to website, online orders and service portals. Personal data refers to information that can identify an individual such as mobile phone numbers and home address. When Corresponds register with Simplex, we collect indentify data like, but not limited to name, email address, credit card information and even NRIC number. Aggregated data like statistical summaries are excluded from this policy.


          Collection of Personal Information

          Most of the personal data is collected during online registration processes, not limited to any other modes like when Corresponds require our configuration services and email/fax quotations.


          Use of Personal Information

          Simplex uses collected personal data to operate our websites, administer internal activities, arrange goods deliveries and render setup services that Corresponds have requested.

          Simplex does not sell, rent, lease or disclose personal data to any other parties unless stipulated by the laws. Personal data is disclosed to trusted third parties like courrier companies for delivery of goods, however such third parties are prohibited to use the personal data other than the intended objective.


          Security of Personal Information

          Unless required by laws or court orders or permission of Corresponds, Simplex will not share personal data or allow access, use or disclose to third parties. Simplex secures personal data on computer servers in a controlled environment protected from unauthorized access. Links to to any other websites may not have similar Policy similar and Simplex is not responsible for contents and privacy practices of these sites.


          Contact Information

          Kindly address any question relating this Policy at dpo@simplex.sg



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