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Inventory Management System(sgIMS)

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) on the cloud relieves business operators from computer network infrastructural investment and maintenance.

sgIMS links with a centralized database server on the Cloud and daily work processes are carried out on the move or stationary using desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Communications to cloud servers are encrypted using dynamic AES algorithms

Steps to Inventory Management
  • Unique and short product identifiers
  • Well defined product descriptions and unit of measurement
  • A good starting count of stock levels
  • Computerized recording of inventory activities
  • Good policies that people can follow in daily operations

Point-of-Sale (sgPOS)

The front line automation in checkouts whenever a transaction occurs.

sgPOS is a Windows-based application for optimized daily retail operations. Evolved from a traditional cash register in the year 2002, sgPOS is a mature and feature rich and scalable with options
  • End-of-Day sales data post to centralized database server on the Cloud
  • Supports receipt printing with customized company logo, cash drawer, barcode scanning, customer display pole, weighing scale and biometric sign-in
  • Touch screen interface with iPOS1515 industrial IP65 certified terminal
sgPOS is FREE for entrepreneurs and new business startups less than 24 months.

Send an email to yoohoo@simplex.sg to register with us today!

Student Data Management(SDM)

Web-based school administrative portal running on secrued centralized database servers on the Cloud.

SDM revolves around and compliments School Cockpit Plus developed by Singapore Ministry of Education.

Uniqueness of SDM
  • Accessible anywhere using standard Internet connection and browser without hefty network infrastructural investments
  • High performance daily attendance taking automation, only 5 biometric fingerprint readers needed to sign-in 1500 students/staff in 10 minutes
  • Mobile attendance taking/overriding for Apple and Android devices supporting batch upload in the absence of network connectivity
  • Integrated SMS notifications gateway capable of broadcasting at 100 messags per minute

Touch Screen Kiosk

Full height information kiosk with custom application. Wall-mount kiosk with custom application

Windows Application

Web Application

Mobile Application

Server Virtualization
& Hosting


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