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Simplex Consultants

Established in 2002, Simplex Consultants is a Singapore-based computer software company offering software consultancy, research and development services. As consultants, we approach information technology from acutal business perspective because we understand that what counts ultimately is efficiency and profitability in our clients’ businesses.

With down to earth comprehensive of operational requirements and strong software engineering discilines, Simplex Consultants bring robust and scalable solutions that are time resilient and adaptable to every client.

We are software craftmen with mastery in C/C++/C# programming languages and expertise in a wide spectrum of project implementations such as firmware programming, biometric device interfacing, mobile application development, information kiosks and inventory management with in depth retailing knowledge.

Over the years of project implementations, we host and maintain customers’ applications in our own virtualized servers spanning across different racks in Internet Data Centres. With a robust network infrastructure, customers data is safe and secured in all possible ways we prudently designed.

Simplex's Philosophy

Listening Ears

Not a single business is the same, even if they use an identical name. So, a software that fits all is seldom a reality. Listening to your stories enables us to comprehend operational workflows and scope automation requirements prudently.

Engineers' Aptitude

Our natural engineering instincts together with development tools mastery, deliver software timely and precisely crafted.

Domain Knowledge

More than a decade of experiences in software development, our team is accomplished in formulating strategies and implementing solutions befitting your unique businesses.


We build your software, host and secure it in every possible ways with our own servers. Your data is safe and secure, we back it up meticulously so you need not worry about server hacks and crashes.

Products and Solutions

Custom build and host applications.

Inventory Management System (sgIMS)

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) on the cloud relieves business operators from computer network infrastructural investment and maintenance.

sgIMS links with a centralized database server on the Cloud and daily work processes are carried out on the move or stationary using desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Student Data Management(SDM)

Web-based school administrative portal running on secrued centralized database servers on the Cloud.

SDM revolves around and compliments School Cockpit Plus developed by Singapore Ministry of Education.

Point-of-Sale (sgPOS)

The front line automation in checkouts whenever a transaction occurs.

sgPOS is a Windows-based application for optimized daily retail operations. Evolved from a traditional cash register in the year 2002, sgPOS is a mature and feature rich and scalable with options.

Use Your System From Anywhere

Keep tabs on your system no matter where you are. With the Simplex state-of-the-art technology, you can view your business reports, send invoices and know the moment you get paid, all from the palm of your hand.


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